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Mentis is a project for the mental Health support powered by Aribo.

It is a combination of science & technology from which every human being can benefit

Mentis training combines state-of-the-art VR technology, music, meditation, and game mechanism to give a fully immersive experience. We believe those special pieces of training that you will find in our app can be utilized by regular people, independent practitioners, businesses, private hospitals, mental health organizations, schools, and charities in order to maintain mental health.

The Overview Effect Practice

The Overview Effect Practice The Overview Effect is a cognitive change of consciousness, reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight….

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Trening Jacobsona

Jacobson trening Jakobson training is also known by the acronym PRM (Progressive Muscle Relaxation). Jacobson’s training has a proven effect…

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Trening Shultza

Autogenic Schultz Training Practice Schultz autogenic training is the name of a neuromuscular relaxation technique for therapeutic and preventive everyday…

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Schultz training and The Overview Effect training were carried out with the financial support of the Novis Plus Foundation.