ARIBO For events

Create unforgettable events on a large scale… in users’ smartphones! City games, challenges, competitions, or special campaigns – turn them into a real adventure!

gives visitors a unique experience

Benefits Of Using Aribo

Group of people  with loudspeaker

Surprise participants

Thanks to the new form of events, stand out from monotonous events.


A simple way to reward

Thanks to the ranking and the possibility of adding real prizes for a given activity in the game you will easily find the winners of the event competition!


Easily manageable event

Create unforgettable events with ease, run them, and observe results. Your team during the event can concentrate on other tasks as players will be guided by Aribo.

marketing growth

Increase Social Impact

Users can share their progress – such as a photo taken during the game – on social media channels! In Aribo, the campaign’s referral influencer and his fans can also earn extra points.


get the magic snowflakes

The game is based on a ranking with the best (fastest) players. It is based on finding all hidden snowflakes. However, in order to get a clue to find another snowflake, you have to perform a number of different tasks. The game takes place in the shopping center, where special markers symbolizing magic snowflakes are hidden.

Save Christmas!!!!!

The participants of the story set off on an unusual journey, in which they help Santa Claus find his gift bag. During a heavy storm, a bag of toys for children fell out of the sleigh. Now Santa Claus has to find him quickly in order not to disappoint the millions of children in the world, who will wait for presents this one night.
Save the holidays is a campaign in which the participants have a lot of interesting tasks to do!

Golden Team Challenge

A game in which players play the role of future secret agents. This is their last test, in which they must demonstrate their knowledge and ability to cooperate in order to prove that they are ready to take part in real missions! Mrs. M. has prepared for the teams a great challenge, which they have to face, and all this under the pressure of time. Team members must work together to achieve their goals and pass the test!


Create events on a new level