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The power and uses of gamification, ideas for interesting campaigns, interesting stories about gaming, marketing and crowdsourcing – all this and more can be found on our blog! Enjoy your reading 😉

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Game-Based Learning vs Gamification

Game-Based Learning vs Gamification

Ever wondered about the difference between game-based learning and gamification? Both are buzzwords in today’s…

Gamification in Language Learning

Gamification in Language Learning

Language learning is a rather unique journey, imbued with overflowing measures of exploration, mystery, and…

Gamification in STEM Education

Gamification in STEM Education

When talking about different areas of education, STEM subjects stand among those most open to…

Two Men Playing a Video Game

Is Gamification Effective?

In the fast-paced world of digital technology, new trends are always on the horizon. In…

people enjoying in workplace

Why Gamification Is Important

Gamification uses game mechanics to transform conventional tasks into engaging activities. It addresses our psychological…

gamers using different devices and playing on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, console. cartoon illustration

When To Use Gamification

Gamification has been gaining popularity in various fields, including corporate training, human resources, education, and…

two teams sides playing virtual computer games with large screen artwork

How Is Gamification Used?

Gamification has emerged as a powerful tool across a variety of sectors. It is a…

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