Gamification App & Software

Aribo is A simple and intuitive SaaS Platform
where you can create ENGAGING ACTIVITIES*

The platform consists of a mobile application (for players)
and a web portal where you can create
and manage your campaigns.


How It Works?

A. Create and set up your organization profile and optional wall messages

B. Define Campaign and optional awards

C. Inform your audience about the game or actions

D. It’s the time to do the job and observe the results

E. Check statistics and ranks. Reward the winners. Use additionally outputted values

Product Designed For Engaging

Aribo combines dozens of functionalities covering needs
from different zones as gamification, loyalty,
crowdsourcing, etc.

discover the possibilities!

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Portal – Create Engagement

Create interesting campaigns in our web application! However, these are not all of the functionalities – you can also supervise your campaigns there, add badges, prizes, Mobile Dashboard entries.


Manage groups and employees of your company. Do you want the “Christmas Adventure” campaign to be available only to your HR team – no problem! You can also accept invitations from external users who want to observe your company and join a closed group.

Graphics showing 3 people who build together from the puzzle


You can create various campaigns using the available activities. You are only limited by your imagination!


Short text message displayed to the user by an AR object.

Thanks to it, you can guide someone on the right path of the game, present important information about the course of the game, or show short information or curiosity.

Quiz Activity


This activity is ideal for examining knowledge.

Specify the limit of correct answers, how many of the added questions are to be drawn and displayed to the player, and reward for the correct answer.

Photo activity


Ask players to take memorable photos.

Also, ask to share it on social media and validate with artificial intelligence whether it contains what you want – for example, two smiling people.

Google navigation

Map Path

Arrange a trip with assistance of our 3D interactive map.

Ask player to get to the location you want. Setup time limit so they must hurry. Customize min distance and navigation options.

Wheel of fortune activity

Wheel Of Fortune

If randomness is what you want.

Setup nice options on the wheel and use them for different purposes to add some unpredictability to your campaign.

Text to speach


Provide some introduction and context to the game.

Helps to present more information through texts and images. Also, with TEXT TO SPEECH lector.

Arcade activity

Arcade Shooter

Give your players a chance to defend against monsters.

Arcade game – consists of shooting down a certain number of AR monsters appearing in the real world.

Awesome doodle

AR Doodle

Doodle is an amazing way to interact with real objects. Users can create AR doodle characters assigned to the taken image. Then characters can talk based on the user’s voice and more than that they have a certain of surprising animations.

Kids love playing with doodles. It can be recorded as a video and shared with friends as a surprise. It is an excellent way of crowdsourcing and boosting fun. In an upcoming release, we introduce AR Doodle albums that allow sharing messages with a large audience in this amazing unlimited way. Also, as campaign activity.

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Engaging Campaigns

Engage your customers, employees, or students during the campaign. Share your campaign with them and create incredible emotions, stimulate curiosity, and fun!

Company Context

As an entrepreneur, you can have your own gamification application thanks to the company context. The company context is a kind of display mode for your company throughout the Aribo app. This is where your company’s campaigns, news, and awards are displayed. Users can observe multiple companies and participate in the games independently. Users can freely switch between company contexts – thus changing the data displayed – without having to install multiple applications – all of Aribo connects.

mobile application showing a robot and two users
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Loyalty Program

Reward your players with virtual points, badges, or real prizes! Aribo also offers the exchange of accumulated loyalty points in the app for real prizes in your company store.

Mobile News Dashboard

Stay in touch with your recipients by providing them with important and interesting messages that they will see in the mobile application on the main screen after logging in.

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