The Overview Effect Practice

The Overview Effect is a cognitive change of consciousness, reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight. After observing our planet from the universe, they feel an obligation and responsibility to take care of that fragile blue dot forever.

Astronauts found the experience to be spiritual, it was accompanied by positively transforming emotions such as awe, gratitude, reverence, humility, and wonder. They experienced a sense of physical detachment from the earth. The physical distance also allowed them to dissociate from everyday problems and focus on larger global issues

How those it applies to us?

Even daily experiences can trigger reactions in the form of negative emotions, like anger and stress. These emotions can seem irrational but still persist and feel powerful, like getting angry when someone speaks a certain phrase or performs a particular habit.
Using the overview effect, the connection between the triggering word or behavior can be broken, preventing an adverse reaction in the individual. Anxiety, stress can be reduced, and positive, healthy coping mechanisms and tools for self-management can be developed.
training with VR overview can provide the effect of dissociation is a disconnection between a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions from the current situation. This will give the opportunity to look at the situation from the perspective after the training is over.
Dissociation itself is a normal process that everyone has experienced. Examples of mild, common dissociation include daydreaming, highway hypnosis, or “getting lost” in a book or movie, all of which involve “losing touch” with awareness of one’s immediate surroundings.
Nearly everyone experiences mild dissociation from time to time. In fact, daydreaming is a prime and common example of mild dissociation.

The OE can be considered an atypical method that offers demonstrable benefits in terms of well-being & mental health. OE can be applied within the therapeutic context to promote individual, societal and planetary well-being.
Over the years, several notable academics and scientists such as Stanislav Grof, Rosalind Watts, David Nutt, Andrew Newberg, David Yaden, David Glowacki, David Luke, Rick Doblin, Amanda Fielding, and Sam Gandy have contributed to our understanding of the phenomenological aspects and biopsychosocial effects of altered states and in doing so have legitimised evidence-based transcendent treatments.

In the Mentis mobile application you will find The Overview Effect- Practis, which, through the VR technologies used, provides a greater level of immersion.

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The overview effect practice available in the application was made with the financial support of the Novis Plus Foundation