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ARIBO For Marketing.

Explore creativity and build the emotional engagement of your customers by providing them with interactive content, challenges, or competitions.

keep up with customer expectations.

Benefits Of Using Aribo

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Increase your brand awareness

Make your company recognizable and well associated, allow your audience to become more aware of your products – all that in a funny and challenging way!

A loudspeaker through which one of the people tells something to a confusing audience

Stand out

Using a unique combination of many proven mechanisms with technology, win over customers and stay ahead of the competition!

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Heat up emotions

Joy, excitement, willingness to compete and commitment – all this during the campaigns!

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Social Impact

Motivate recipients to share information and increase reach in social media. Let your clients create viral content for you.


An ice journey

The campaign consists of visiting all ice cream parlors of a given chain store in Krakow in one day, buying an ice cream each time, confirming with a photo on the background of the ice cream parlor or a QR code. The prize for the 10 fastest winners of all spots – company gadgets, ice cream coupons, or cash prizes.

New car in scope… smatphone

The player has a dozen or so stations to beat in the shopping center. These are catering outlets, boutiques, and a cinema. In each of the facilities, he will have a different task. Additionally, at one of the stops in the Wheel of Fortune (a type of activity), he can win extra prizes (cinema tickets, free popcorn). The main prize for the fastest player is a car founded by the sponsor.

Get to know us

The task of the participants is to go through several game points, but their number is not known to them. The next game point appears only after the previous task has been completed. The main goal is to get to know the company better and provide entertainment for customers. It is a kind of unusual presentation of its services in a new form. Information provided in the form of secrets, questions, and puzzles will remain in the participants’ memory for a long time.

Test your luck

A contest-type game for salon customers who can win interesting prizes by spinning the Wheel of Fortune. However, before getting them, they have to go through some interesting activities, answer the questions asked by the creature guarding the Wheel of Fortune. Only after correctly answering its riddles and gaining trust, the player-client can start spinning the wheel with interesting prizes. The participant may play the game anywhere.

Loyalty program

To help develop customer engagement, we offer a loyalty system within the Aribo application. After a visit to your company, the customer collects points in the application, which can then be exchanged for actual rewards/discounts.


Move marketing to the next level