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ARIBO For Education.

Make the whole education process an adventure and fun for students. Enrich lessons, introduce interesting elements, verify knowledge, and stimulate commitment – also remotely!

learning that occurs during immersive experiences

Benefits Of Using Aribo

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Improve the image of the school

By introducing modern technology into the teaching schedule, distinguish yourself from other educational centers.

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Stimulate students’ creativity

Make your students get creative during gameplay activities. Make it take the mental strain and combine clues to get to the next activity.

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Check & evaluate progress

Use the built-in activities – like a quiz to test students’ knowledge – they will get their test results in real-time.


Literary eras

A campaign in which a student in an activity “Story” gets the most important information about literary eras presented. Then his knowledge and memory are verified in the form of a quiz. The best students get badges.

Good tap water

A game designed to broaden the player’s knowledge of water as a valuable resource for our planet. The player takes on the role of a detective who, step by step, discovers surprising information about water, about which few people know or are aware.

Get to know our pets

A campaign for the youngest will be part of a variety of science lessons. The child initially receives guidance and the necessary knowledge (e.g. how mammals are different from amphibians). The campaign contains an interesting video showing anomalies in the animal world. The student is then asked to answer a question in a quiz. In addition, there is an activity consisting of taking a photo – a selfie with his/her favorite animal.


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