Aribo For Cooperation

ARIBO For HR Force

Introduce new employees to the company’s culture in an effective & original way, strengthen, and integrate teams.

Connect employees through fun

Benefits Of Using Aribo


Design Effective Onboarding

Turn boring training into an interesting process where you get instant results & you know that employee is ready to start work.


Create relationships

Make the team tighten the bonds during common challenges – games. Integrate employees during company events!


Get them involved

Create campaigns during which employees can have fun but in the meanwhile, they learn or take actions that will change their behavior or extend skills


Golden Team Challenge

A game in which players play the role of future secret agents. This is their last test, in which they must demonstrate their knowledge and ability to cooperate in order to prove that they are ready to take part in real missions! Mrs. M. has prepared for the teams a great challenge, which they have to face, and all this under the pressure of time.


Participants in history set out on an unusual journey into the world of spells, magic, and Slavic superstitions. The journey, full of surprises, is supposed to lead to the discovery of a fiery bird – Corner.  Participants will have a lot of interesting tasks to do and will learn interesting information from Slavic mythology.
Team members have to work together to achieve their goals and pass the test!

Get to know us

The task of the participants is to go through several game points, but their number is not known to them. The next game point appears only after the previous task has been completed. The main goal is to get to know the company better and to provide entertainment for the employees. It is a kind of unusual training so that the information provided in the form of mysteries, questions, and brain teasers will remain in the memory of the participants for a long time.

Special task team

Employees spend several hours a day with each other, but do they know each other well? This campaign aims to tighten the bonds between them and to get to know each other better. Each player will have to take on the role of a co-worker for a moment and try to do his or her job. Everything is scored.


Move HR to the next level