Aribo For tourism

ARIBO For Tourism.

Keep on attracting, engaging & entertaining visitors in your tourist area by using a comprehensive and novel approach on how to design memorable experiences. Help local businesses grow.

explorations for the 21st century

Benefits Of Using Aribo

Globe with pins and two travellers

show the beauty

Help travelers explore your area by showing them the most interesting places and curiosities with the help of AR guide.

graphics showing the globe, compass, people and suitcase

No restrictions

Create an interesting sightseeing scenario, customers will choose a convenient tour date for them – they just have to click “Play” when they want to join the fun.

man with an application on which there is a map, suitcases


Transform the boring tour into a real game with the drawing of points, badges, and prizes.


Find King Krak’s treasure

The goal is for young people to get to know Krakow and its treasures and monuments. Active spending of time in the open-air combined with a pleasant face of learning history. The player must perform several tasks by which he will approach the discovery of the mysterious treasure of King Krak. These are interesting quizzes, instructions for visiting unique places, and taking pictures with the panorama of Krakow and the object of the AR.

Searching for the Alladdin Lamp

Simple outdoor campaign – the game brings the player into the world of 1001 nights. The player learns that it is possible to find the missing Aladdin lamp. In order to do so, however, the player has to travel and face various challenges. While searching, he gets to know the curiosities of the area and really explores it. The player has to solve a number of tasks and move from point to point. Time and precision are what counts.


Move Tourism to the next level