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Create Awesome Interactive Game-Based Lessons in MIXED REALITY !NO CODING!

Inspire your students with ARIBO and become a real hero in their hearts forever!

Some Partners and customers

Teaching is about engaging the minds of students.
All teachers want to convey a piece of their heart and become immortal heroes in the Minds of Their Pupils!

“Thanks to Aribo, engagement in my lessons shot up by 100%. Students love Aribo” (Ann – German Teacher)

As a teacher, you can do many things RIGHT and Still not Fully succeed!

You can present your field knowledge with most interesting forms, but…

struggling with class boredom and lack of engagement

You can try with whole heart to create connection and build relationship, but…

still meet invisible wall

You can do your best to communicate, using tested techniques, but…

none of class seems to “buy it”

You can do hard to stay up to date, thinking creatively out of the box, but…

stay frustrated due to limited possibilities
Meet Jane. Jane is a teacher.
When she started, she was full of optimism and unwavering faith in her fulfilled life as a teacher.
Meet Jane. Jane is a teacher.
Fairly quickly, Jane felt herself drowning. Her enthusiasm dissolved in the amount of everyday struggles
Meet Jane. Jane is a teacher.
On the one hand, never ending bureaucracy, and on the other hand, constantly dissatisfied students and their parents.
Meet Jane. Jane is a teacher.
Frustration and overload limited her creativity and created a wall between her and her students. Something she wanted so badly to avoid …
Meet Jane. Jane is a teacher.
She noticed that she spends more and more time devising new ideas to reach students, and they not only do not work, but take away the rest of her private space.
Meet Jane. Jane is a teacher.
She dreamed of a solution thanks to which she would smash the wall to hearts, the students would love her and the knowledge she wanted to pass on to them.
Meet Jane. Jane is a teacher.
To find a solution, she went to the Edu Tech conference, where she discovered ARIBO!
Meet Jane. Jane is a teacher.
Ever since she started enriching her teaching with Aribo’s learning games, students have come to love Aribo and Jane with her classes.
Meet Jane. Jane is a teacher.
She won their hearts as a innovative teacher who understands them. A real hero!
(based on a true story :))

ARIBO Is A MOBILE Game Customizable From WEB Creator!
It is build for teachers and classes to build Brilliant game-based teaching with solid foundation in storytelling, cognitive learning, mix reality and vR!

All of this with no coding and community friendly and shareable environment!

ARIBO Super Power

From giving physical objects a life, throughout PokemonGo like 3D map, to VR experience editor where you can build player choice dependent VR interactive video.
There are tons of options waiting for you!
New share option extend the limits out of our imagination and allows to build community resources.


How It Works?

ARIBO Web Editor allows you to create MOBILE MIX Reality Games based on Activity Blocks. It is quick and no-code.
You can easily share your games by:
hyper-link, code, QR code or make them public in a group.
Each ARIBO activity block have a different function and can be set in different contexts and scenarios.
This gives you endless possibilities!
You can read more about activities:

Avatar Game Guides

All activities blocks have a chosen guide, it is a character that can have a body – 3D animated object selected on the list.
Guides can speak using synthesized voice from text, your recorded voice or uploaded audio.
There is a lot of fun to avatar guide!

It Is Alife !

It is so easy to make any object alife! Tested on 5 y.o.
With doodles your pupils can create funny videos of any object and share them with you 🙂
On the other hand, you can save own teaching doodles in albums and share album with your pupils.

Just imagine – a BOOK page getting alife and speaking with your voice 🙂 then magically running AR quiz or sending pupil to desired location 🙂

Reword pupils generously

ARIBO allows you to reward students if couple of ways:
>> You can create easily badges or multilevel badges
>> You can distribute points that can be exchange
>> You can assign number of stars to activities
>> You can even add points by scanning student profile code

Additionally Aribo provides Leaderboard and simple statistic data to track progress or run research!

Share your games

ARIBO allows you to share games – quests you created with others. We believe our quests library will grow quickly in upcoming feature.

Stimulate Mental in VR

Since the early beginnings ARIBO tries to combine aspects of education and mental well-being.
Our VR Experience Activity can be used to design sesion that helps players to relax, focus, decrease anxiety or even meditate.
ARIBO allows to create interactive multi-scenario VR video and gamify it. You can analyse player choices and adjust production quickly. (eg. Overview Effect with emotion workshop) To get more info read this site or contact us.

How You Can use Aribo as your teaching super power

Few Simple Ideas

foreign language

Prepare quest of guides telling short stories in a language. Then hide some doodle puzzle in a book and test answers by using the quiz. You can use a lot your voice or synthesized voices. Then link this with images, photos or even VR. Reward pupils with a badge.


How Heroes Experienced Aribo