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If you are looking for a way to strengthen bonds with your customers, engage your employees or create unforgettable experiences for your target group, you are in the right place.
Our SaaS platform uses AR and VR technologies, enabling companies to easily and quickly create interactive experiences. Without the need for deep technical knowledge, you can shape games, dynamic AR quizzes or even advanced VR adventures tailored to the unique needs of your company.

“Grow your brand, build customer loyalty and engage your employees in a way they’ve never experienced before. Let’s start a journey together into the world of gamification, where your company can create inspiring experiences that will attract attention and build lasting relationships.

Anna Gasiorowska,

Founder, CEO of Aribo

Areas where we help

No matter the challenges you face, gamification and XR technologies provide effective solutions to your diverse goals.

How To Make A Game Without Coding


We increase the attractiveness of your brand and products and help:
* Build brand awareness
* Strengthen commitment and loyalty
* Build a new communication channel – omnichannel
* Create interactive interesting content

Gamification in education


We help in better acquisition of knowledge thanks to the use of game-like learning and
* Make the learning process a fascinating adventure. 
* Stimulate knowledge

* Increase engagement

a lady presenting in a office meeting

Human Resources

We help maximize employee engagement and
* Increase onboarding efficiency
* Increase the effectiveness of training
* Integrate teams
* Take care of the mental well-being of employees

gamification during events


We help create unforgettable and engaging event experiences through
* Organizing interesting challenges, games and competitions for participants
* Building relationships and constant communication with event participants before, during and after.
* Directing traffic to selected points  

gemification in muzeum


We help create amazing visual experiences by bringing exhibits to life and giving them a new dimension that delights visitors and
* Interactive AR or VR experiences
* Educational routes with a virtual guide
* Electronic loyalty cards, and many others

FMCG products

We help increase the attractiveness of physical products by adding interactive AR elements and
* Build awareness around products by providing interactive and interesting content
* Maintain constant communication with your audience
* Create loyalty programs

Discover our unique advantages!


Easily and without having to delve into special mechanics, use the power of gamification to effectively build the engagement of your audience. Provide your audience with emotions that not only give them pleasure, but also build an emotional bond with your brand!

Mobile Application

Get an effective tool to build brand awareness, convey relevant information and provide fascinating experiences. Maintain constant contact with your customers in real time, and what’s more – adapt them to the nature of your brand

AR/VR technology

Innovative technologies increase audience engagement by naturally arousing interest. Thanks to our solutions, you will focus on your recipients, convey content in an original way and encourage them to share e.g. photos from the event more efficiently. This is an innovative approach to brand presentation and establishing emotional contact with recipients.


Efficiently create loyalty programs and other methods of rewarding recipients, including virtual ones. The application generates electronic loyalty cards, allows you to create unique discounts, provide limited edition products and exclusive VIP experiences. All this is possible quickly and easily like never before!

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Get to know the opinions of brands that trust us

“Aribo delivered a high-quality mobile outdoor game that Hivecon 2.0 event participants enjoyed playing. For me, it was a great pleasure and an undeniable advantage not only to cooperate with Aribo during the event, but also to prepare it. I hope we can collaborate again on future events.”

Arkadiusz Pawlik​

Head of MyEvento

Anna Radzikowska

Kanban Dragons​

“A creative and interesting application. Initially, I didn’t expect it to be so addictive. It combines the world of virtual gaming with activity and relationship building.”​

Agata grabowska​

partner Klub Przedsiębiorczości

„The entire campaign allowed participants to get to know the CUE Campus better. The participants of this activity were surprised by its innovativeness and very interesting form.”

Dariusz Kotlarz

president of the IDEA scientific circle

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gamification in workplace

Change the rules of the GAME! Find out how to achieve your goals using our platform!

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