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Create unforgettable, interactive experiences that captivate your audience and maximize engagement.

Create Connections that Last

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Event Mobile Application

Mobile app adpoted to your event keeps you connected with your audience at all stages, ensuring continuous engagement and communication.

Unique AR/VR Experiences

Stand out with customized AR and VR experiences that create memorable interactions and drive booth traffic.

Create Ad-Hoc Challenges

Instantly craft engaging challenges to captivate attendees and maintain high energy levels throughout your event.

Easy Implementation

No technical expertise needed. Our intuitive platform makes setting up and managing AR/VR activities effortless.

Detailed Analytics

Gain insights into attendee engagement and preferences with our comprehensive analytics tools, helping you refine future events.

Easly Improve

Easily modify, change, or reuse any content created.This adaptability helps keep your events dynamic and engaging,

What Our Clients Say

“A creative and interesting application. Initially, I didn’t expect it to be so addictive. It combines the world of virtual gaming with activity and relationship building.”​

Effectiveness in Elevating Engagement


Booths visitor engagment


Engagment increase

Creating engaging, interactive, and memorable experiences across a wide range of event types.


Aribo’s AR and VR solutions transform company events, social gatherings, team-building activities, and product launches. These immersive technologies make every event more engaging by providing interactive and captivating experiences. You can easly incorporate interactive elements like AR gamified challenges, to captivate attendees and foster participation. Get analytics to measure engagement and gather feedback.

Exhibitions Booths

Aribo transforms exhibition booths with AR and VR experiences, attracting more visitors and keeping them engaged longer. You can set up interactive activities, such as VR/AR product demos or quick AR challanges, which make the booth experience more memorable and enjoyable.
Visitors spend more time at your booth, engaging with captivating activities that hold their interest longer.

Fairs & Exhibitions

Aribo leverages AR technology to create an interactive game that guides and engages visitors throughout fairs and exhibitions. You can set up interactive activities, such as AR scavenger hunts making the event more dynamic and memorable.
With Aribo features you can provides real-time updates on what’s happening where, ensuring attendees are informed and involved in key activities.

Engagement Metrics

Attendance and Traffic

Social Media Impact

Social Shares: Count the number of shares, likes, and mentions related to your event on social media.

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