Aribo hub of engagement

ARIBO As A Hub Of Engagement

We can integrate ARIBO with your system, which will allow you to implement unlimited scenarios stimulating engagement.

Some examples

your website Inside ARIBO

You can easily integrate your website and show the content added to your site inside ARIBO mobile app. It gives your audience a feeling that it is a part of it. Especially when the graphic design of your site is adjusted to mobile applications. By removing the menu taskbar the immersion is even deeper, it looks like a part of the mobile app. For this purpose, you can use WordPress or other common CMS, but it can be your own solution. If you need some assistance, we can help you with this.

ARIBO Points & Stars

Users/Players can get Aribo points and stars based on external systems requests. There is a possibility to create customized business logic that counts a number of added points or stars. This gives you the possibility to link Aribo with any metrics system and reward your audience based on external results. All is realized by API integration.
It Can be used with:
>> Sale systems – reward your customers when they buy something
>> HR Systems – reward your employees if they achieve the goal
>> Edu Systems – reward your students based on their score
>> Other – we are sure there are other scenarios to add here!

ARIBO Campaigns Ticket

In this approach, an external system can call Aribo to generate a personal ticket for one of the private campaigns. Then after it is used no one else can scan it and play the campaign.

Any Other Ideas Or Concerns

We warmly encourage you to share it with us 🙂 We will try to find a satisfying solution. Everything is possible!

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