A good fun is not forgotten

Create games and events that make your audience – young and old – remember your fun for years to come.

The best brands know that taking care of their audience is the key to success. They are the ones who remember the most interesting actions and share it with others. Keep this in mind. Take care of your audience even more than before. Give them the opportunity to integrate and make the events stay in their memory for a long time.

Audience impressions are the most important part of building your brand. Invest in a solution that makes:

You will engage children and adults in creative challenges and events

You will build awareness of a specific brand in the minds of your audience

You will reward the most committed challenge participants

Organize an outdoor game, action, raffle or contest with prizes

Organize creative events with AR Doodle 

Is it possible to diversify the gray everyday life? Of course!

Use the mechanisms by which you provide your audience with an amazing experience and make your brand last in their minds. With this:

Surprise your community with innovative ways to deliver entertainment
Stand out from the competition with AR technology
Stimulate attendees to review the event on social media
You will create a memorable image in the minds of your audience

Create challenges that engage your customers

Fast. Easy. Fun. Create universal games, contests and challenges using the latest AR/MR technologies for your audience. And all without programming! Zero code. Plus with your own script. Games deliver amazing experiences and emotions that will keep your audience even more engaged.

Let your audience create viral content

Hold contests through apps that will make your audience create advertising slogans and amazing photos. Use the power of the crowd and modern technology to build awareness of a particular brand in the minds of the audience.

positive feedback

Reward and appreciate

Create programs that allow recipients to earn rewards and loyalty points at events in exchange for specific actions.

Start working on value for your customers today!

At Aribo We Can Help You With:

Aktywność historia

Preparing a fantastic scenario with interactive animations for your events


Building a scheme of rewarding customers

Własne elementy

Creating AR animations for a brand’s audience


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