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The best way to build engagement
Aribo is a fantastic adventure. Immersive campaigns not only move the imagination and curiosity but also allow you to win prizes funded by campaigners.

Download it for FREE in the app store today.

Increase customer loyalty!
Increase customer loyalty!

With this application you can organize fun competitions with prizes to increase the loyalty of your customers.

Download it for FREE in the app store today.

The best tool for gaming

Aribo is a simple and easy to use application where You can make more engaging contests and build loyalty around your brand!

An essential tool for every marketer!

Provide Fun & Emotions
This app is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use.

Download it for FREE in the app store today.


How Can I download application?

Just go to the google play store or Apple store. Type aribo, download and install. The mobile application is completely free

How can I collect my award?

You can pick up the prize after the campaign is over. The prize must be picked up on the date set by the creator of the campaign. You will need a special code to collect the prize. You receive this code after the campaign is successfully completed. These codes can be found in the mobile application under Rewards

How can i play campaing?

To play a specific game you have to enter a special code or scan it with the QR code application. Such codes will be published by the organizers of the campaign

How I can create my own campaing?

Do You want to create your own campaign or contest – Great! Write to us  or simply call us. we will give you all the necessary informations.

 +48 12 400 47 96

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