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The best way to build engagement
Aribo is a fantastic adventure. Immersive campaigns not only move the imagination and curiosity but also allow you to win prizes funded by campaigners.

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Increase customer loyalty!
Increase customer loyalty!

With this application you can organize fun competitions with prizes to increase the loyalty of your customers.

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The best tool for gaming

Aribo is a simple and easy to use application where You can make more engaging contests and build loyalty around your brand!

An essential tool for every marketer!

Provide Fun & Emotions
This app is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use.

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Campaign examples

Prize competitions

Good tap water

A competition in which a player has to perform several tasks and answer questions about water and ecology. What counts is the correctness of the tasks and the time.


Ice Cream Journey

The campaign consists of visiting all ice cream parlors of a given chain store in Krakow in one day, buying an ice cream each time, confirming with a photo on the background of the ice cream parlor or a QR code. The prize for the 10 fastest winners of all spots - company gadgets, ice cream coupons or cash prizes.


A new car is at your fingertips... Smatphon

The player has to overcome a few stations in a shopping mall. These are food and beverage outlets, boutiques and a cinema. In each facility he will have to do a different task. Additionally, at one of the stops in the Wheel of Fortune (type of activity) he can win extra prizes (tickets to the cinema, free popcorn). The main prize for the fastest player is a car sponsored by the sponsor.


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