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Increase customer loyalty!

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Campaign realized during our trip
of integration in Groń. 
Game goal: A campaign based on a off-road game to integrate the team.
Game audience: Aribo employees
Duration: from 17.00 to 19.00
Gameplay: Each player had to act as a team and solve brain teaser
and tasks together. In order to be able to perform the next task,
the players had to get to where the clue was hidden first.
The clues were both virtual and real. 
(e.g. an inscription on a balloon hanging from a tree
or a hidden card in the parking area). The final task
was to finding and digging up the “treasure” – a metal detector came
in handy for that.
The organizers wanted to strengthen the ties between the co-workers.



Campaign implemented during the trip training
for a group of entrepreneurs. Departure implemented
by the Entrepreneurship Club on time from 7.06 a.m.
to 9.06 a.m. in Poronin.
Goal of the Game: A competition based on an off-road game
that checks the club members’ knowledge
of the club entrepreneurship.
Game audience: entrepreneurs from different areas Polish
age range 28-65 years.
Duration: from 14:00 to 20:00
Gameplay: Players had to face up to the following tasks
concerning knowledge about the club and entrepreneurship. 
In order to be able to perform another task, players had to first
get to the place where it was hidden tip. The tips were both
virtual as well as real.
The creators wanted to
revive the regular contest with prizes and evoke more excitement
and competition among players.



Campaign realized at the University Economics in Krakow
during the world’s days entrepreneurship.
Goal of the game: Increasing knowledge about the university
Game audience: university students
Duration: from 15.00 to 17.30
Gameplay: During the game, students moved around the
the campus area of the university, carrying out a variety
of tasks
tasks. The game also led them to places about
historical significance for universities, which on
a daily basis are unnoticeable to students.
The students had to find information from memorial
plaques and sculptures, search for hidden characters,
answer questions in the based on previous knowledge.

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