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Increase customer loyalty!

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Education in the digital age part 2

After experiencing remote form of learning it is worthwhile to come with a summary. Let us focus on its disadvantages, but also on the advantages. After all, thanks to the evaluation and summary of the past months, you can draw many conclusions, ideas and implement them into your responsibilities.


Education in the digital age

Teachers are facing a new challenge. When schools were closed down by the current pandemic, the trend of bringing teaching into the digital age has become an everyday practice, not just a growing phenomenon.


Gamification Octalysis – next levels

In previous blog entries we have described eight key corners of Octalysis. However, these eight elements of Octalysis are only the beginning, as this is the “first level of initiation”. 😉 As many as 5 levels were defined.


Gamification Octagon – Aribo: Summary Of The Octalysis

We have already described in previous entries the 8 corners of the Gamification Octalysis? But what connects and what divides them? How to effectively combine them and use to strengthen engagement?


Gamification Octagon – Aribo: Eighth Level

"Scarcity & Impatience"... Apparently, these are quite skeptical. So how to use something like that - seemingly negative - in marketing?


Gamification Octagon – Aribo: Seventh Level

How can a sense of loss motivate? If people feel that a chance, an option may not happen again, they automatically want to take immediate action...


Gamification Octagon – Aribo: Sixth Level

So what’s the risk and the fun? With the right incentives for risk, the game becomes a lot of fun! In Polish there is even a saying “without risk there is no fun”, which perfectly illustrates the role of unpredictability.


Gamification Octagon – Aribo: Fifth Level

"Social Influence & Relatedness" is one of the best researched and developed features of the Oktagon of Gamification. It focuses on social life and other people


Gamification Octagon – Aribo: Fourth Level

Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback is another area that should be used in gamification and developed to continuously engage people


Gamification Octagon – Aribo: Third Level

"Exceptional meaning and talent", or how to make a player feel extraordinary. See for yourself how this feeling of being chosen makes games fun.


Gamification Octagon – Aribo: Second Level

"Achievements"... What are they in games and why are they enjoying and engaging players at the same time?


Gamification Octagon – Aribo: First Level

Find out why games are fun and entertaining - explore the Gamification Octagon. In this post we will take a closer look at " Ownership".


Gamification in education

Education and fun... the perfect combination?

Teamwork characters, operator and crew in front of screen for presentations. Men with tablet and woman with pen and headset presenting new project, office worker, employee. Cartoon vector illustration

Gamification in HR

Motivating employees, sales growth, interesting training, onboarding and game elements?

Console with Games lettering. Neon sign on brick background. Videogame, online game, hobby. Game concept. For topics like entertainment, leisure, nightlife

Marketing and games?

Games not only as fun... but a way of marketing?



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